“Wake Me Up”

By: The Ineloquent

The night is nearly over
And daylight’s almost here
Salvation’s growing closer
As days just disappear
What will I have to show for
If I just choose to sleep
I must wake from this slumber,
What have I sown to reap

So wake me
And melt this frozen heart of mine
Take me up and bring me back to life
Wake me
‘Cause I’ve been sleeping for a while
Take me back to where I fell
The very first time

Open up your eyes tonight
Step from the dark of night
Into the armor of light

This sin that dwells in my heart
Makes me hide from you
I’ve tried to serve two masters
But I will have to choose A way
And living in the shadows
Has starved my will to fight
So wrap your change around me
And pull me towards the light
Of day

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