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Are you looking for a new breakfast food?

This little muffin is packed with nutrition and you will love the combination of sweet potato and spices. It will be like having dessert for breakfast without the guilt! Read More

Flaky, Buttery, Crisp…this tilapia is so delicious. We’ve had it twice in one week! You know it has to be good for me to eat fish more than once in a week. I usually eat fish twice a year if that often. But I had a bag of individually frozen tilapia from Costco in the freezer and wanted to use them up. Read More

Do you want to cut out processed foods and make foods your family will love? Because I live in a country where it is nearly impossible to buy convenience food items like cream of chicken soup, Velvetta, Sweet Baby Rays, or canned enchilada sauce, I have learned to cook from scratch. It turns out, it is easier than you might think!  Read More

Mornings can be hard, hectic, and hurried. But, I have a little something to share that can make them healthy, too! 

Here’s my tip to help make your morning startup a little more manageable: freeze healthy pancakes!

My kids love pancakes. But, Aunt Jemima mix is lacking a bit when it comes to a healthy flapjack. Read More

During my senior year, a few friends and I woke up early and headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Let’s just say we didn’t order the normal breakfast foods. Instead, we opted for the peanut butter pie. Delicious! And if that wasn’t enough sugar we went to the gas station and loaded up on Jolt. Read More

Last week I picked up a box of Baking Chocolate (100% Cacao) when I was grocery shopping.Not something I normally buy and I had no idea what I was going to make with it, but I’m sure glad I put it in my shopping cart because I could hardly contain myself when I bit into these brownies. Let me just say that I enjoyed the first Read More

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