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When God Gives And Takes Away

When God Gives And Takes Away

It has happened to me more than once over the last two years. Surrounded by thousands of people standing and singing, I just could not bring myself to join in.

You give and take away,
You give and take away;
My heart will choose to say,
“Lord, blessed be your name.”
God, you give and take away,
Oh, you give and take away
My heart will choose to say

Not this time. Instead of singing, I wrestled. Is my heart really, really, really okay with the truth that he gives and takes away? Read More When God Gives And Takes Away

The wait. The anticipation. The eagerness to feel complete. The excitement and wonder of their personalities. The pre-adoption season is a time full of emotion, and although it can be spotted with disappointment and setbacks, the general feeling is that you simply cannot WAIT to see your family united.

The homecoming time is magical.

Then, before long, reality sets in. Read More

Thank God! Pray to him by name!
Tell everyone you meet what he has done!
REMEMBER the wondrous works that he has done; his miracles, and the verdicts he’s rendered!
Psalm 105:1,5

Last year, my family decided to try something different.

Every day in November, on handmade paper leaf ornaments, we wrote something that we were grateful for. We hung the leaves from a bundle of sticks. We called it,

Our Thanksgiving Tree. Read More

With anticipation, I counted down the days until they arrived. I imagined our time together filled with good laughs, deep conversations, delicious food, board games, times of prayer, and so much more. I couldn’t wait. At the same time, I pushed out the thoughts that crept in telling me, “don’t get your hopes up,” “do you really think that these things will happen?”

Thankfully, my anticipation and deep desires out ran these questions that tried to squash my hope. I optimistically waited for their arrival. Read More

It has been just over a year since we went from parenting one child to parenting four children. Many people have asked me if it has been hard. The answer is an undeniable YES.

It HASN’T been hard to take care of them. I just cook more, do a LOT more laundry, and clean up a lot more misplaced toys. The hard part, without a doubt, is the responsibility of building character in four, small, precious children. Read More

 Sometimes when I think about raising my children in this broken, messy world, I feel completely ill-equipped as a parent. God, do you really think I am cut out for this? I imagine Him putting an arm around my shoulder and saying, “No, I didn’t cut you out to do this-alone. You aren’t cut out to do anything on your own. That’s why I am here.” Read More

Have you ever been deceived into believing the whispers? You know, the ones that tell you- being perfect is the answer.

If you lose just a few pounds — you will be happy.

If you figure out how to cut out ALL “bad” foods — you will lose those few pounds, be happy, and healthy.

If you always think positively, in every situation, with every person — you will make everyone happy. Read More

A couple months ago, news started spreading across the nation about how our government should stop funding Planned Parenthood because they were selling body parts of aborted 3rd-trimester babies. Little did I know how much it would impact me emotionally as I began to learn more details. Read More

Sometimes the choices we make leave us feeling like a failure. Worse, they tend to make us believe that God could not possibly forgive us or love us, but that is not true. There are consequences to every choice we make, but the good news is our God’s love is greater than all our sin. Read More

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